"Mezzo-soprano Ghislaine Deschambault was tragically lush as the discarded Céphise..."  Lev Bratishenko, Critique de Pygmalion, The Rover, 21/04/2012


"Vocalement, Ghislaine Deschambault nous hypnotise..."  Pascale St-Onge, critique de L'Enfant des Glaces, montheatre.qc.ca


"... l'enfant (Ghislaine Deschambault, au timbre magnifique, qui habite entièrement le personnage)."  Lucie Renaud, Clavier bien tempéré, critique de L'Enfant des Glaces, 03/03/2013


"I was hooked by Deschambault’s fluidity by the very first scene. Her movement out of the “ice cube” to the backdrop of eerie creaking creates a somehow intimate cave-like atmosphere. It is an incredible sensorial experience. Incredibly odd experience, but absolutely worth seeing."  Clara, Bloody Underrated, bloodyunderrated.net, 03/03/2013